Japan Food Coordinator School

For Food Professionals

For more than 23 years, Japan Food Coordinator School (JFCS) has pioneered the food industry in Japan through the assessment and qualification of many young and aspiring professionals in the food industry by conferring the title of “food business coordinator”.

Our faculty and academic programs foster the ability to think creatively, solve problems, and assist students to understand what it takes to be a leader in food and service industries.

At JFCS, students develop a broad base of knowledge, confidence in their skills, and the determination to move successfully into a career that is both desired and matched personally to each persons individual goals and dreams through our career-support program.

For Corporations

“JFCS Business Project” is a full-service product development , consulting and implementation service provided by JFCS.

The “JFCS Business Project” assists businesses in the following areas;

  • Entry strategy consultation for overseas food service companies considering entering the Japanese market.
  • Marketing, HR and Operational Support for overseas food service companies.
  • Identification of market needs, creation of unique recipes, and translation to successful food products.
  • Finding and retaining the best local business partner(s) in the food/service industries throughout Japan.

Why choose “JFCS Business Project”?

  1. JFCS (and its group companies) have over 30 years of experience in food related publishing, consulting, management, marketing, education and teaching in Japan.
  2. JFCS has extensive connections and working relationships within Japan’s Food-Service Industries, including major food companies, large food production services, chefs, designers, food stylists, restaurant owners, hotels, hospitals, senior housing homes, along with various other specialized services in Japan.
  3. JFCS has over 40 industry-leading faculty members and over 2,000 graduates to date working in the food-service industry in Japan.

About JFCS

  • Started in 1992, JFCS was the first and continues to be the the longest-running “food coordination” qualification school in Japan.
  • “Food Business Coordinator” refers to a professional who is qualified and able to develop and coordinate food-related activities and services with relevance to professionalism  for business ventures. A food Business Coordinator can successfully develop restaurants/cafes, create and implement new food products, pastry, desserts, beverages, and/or act as independent producer, director or program facilitator within the industry.
  • Over 2,000 JFCS graduates work in food production, media, product development, restaurants, and other related positions in various countries throughout the world.
  • JFCS offers 6-month courses (20 sessions, 4-hours each) in food business coordination, advanced specialized programs (food management, marketing, business development, etc), career-support, and internship programs.
  • JFCS faculty includes over 40 highly-successful and established experts in the food industry.
  • Located in Central Tokyo, Japan.



Reed Sea 2F
Shinkawa 2-21-10
Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan

【Train Access】 Tokyo Metro, Hibiya Line – Hatchobori Station A5 Exit (3 min walk)
【Via Car/Taxi】 Approx. 5-10 min heading East from Tokyo Station

【Hours of Operation】 10AM – 5PM    (Monday-Friday)
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